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The key to my new plan…

“I doubled my sales after your workshop and JVTN®!”

“Thanks for an incredible sales workshop. Just having a Joe Verde trainer in front of me for 2 solid days made me appreciate even more the commitment my dealership has made to training and growing our dealership and me personally.

The workshop really affirmed to me that I was doing the right things, the right way, and I just needed to improve what I was doing.

Joe, my number 1 takeaway from class was just ‘Go to Work to Work’ and have a plan every day – and your 8 step process was the key to my new plan. When I came back, I realized how lucky I was to have JVTN® at our dealership, so I can keep reviewing and learning even more.

We watch 4 chapters a week every week and I’ve been getting better every day.

Before your workshop, I was averaging about 8 a month. With the workshop and JVTN®, I’ve doubled my sales and have been top salesperson the last 2 months. And I have made more money in the past couple of months, than in my prior year in the car business.

Thank you, Joe, for a great eye-opening workshop!”

-Addison Hall, Salesperson, West Virginia