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The Psychology of Buying

Which statement is correct?

Buying is logical – and negotiation is emotional.

Buying is emotional – and negotiation is logical.

Fact: For 95%, buying is an emotional process. Think about it; very few people need to buy a different vehicle than the one they have now. They buy because they want a different vehicle.

Price Buttons vs. Hot Buttons To Make A Sale

Most salespeople lose sales by pushing price buttons because they think buying is only about the money, the logic.

Hot Buttons and those “I want it” features on your vehicles are the emotional triggers that lead to sales.

The obvious catch to pushing those emotional hot buttons is learning how to find the right buttons to push.

I know it sounds confusing:

  1. Follow a logical selling process…
  2. To find their emotional hot buttons,
  3. Then use a logical closing process to trigger the emotional decision!

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Or just keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting what you’re getting.


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