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The Sales Process

Your goal is to sell, and the buyers goal is satisfaction. Buyers have a consistent process they follow, and the 8 steps in my selling process will guide them to an easy and satisfactory purchase.

Do you have to follow the steps?

Have you ever sold a car without giving people a demo?

Of course. And since 99% won’t buy without a demo, you’ve also lost 9+ out of 10 that you didn’t get behind the wheel.

Have you ever sold a car by skipping or rushing through the steps?

Of course you have, and since 8 out of 10 people you talk to came specifically to buy a vehicle, you missed 6 sales for every 2 you sold.

Would you have sold them all, if you’d followed every step?

Of course not. But you’re blowing smoke if you’ve convinced yourself that it’s poor traffic, a bad market, low inventory, it’s too hot, too cold, etc. Everything you do or don’t accomplish is from your skills and commitment to your profession.

You are your own ‘gold mine’ and all it takes to win big, is improving your skills and following my proven process that puts 50% of your write ups on the road in their new vehicle.

Again, I’ve been saying the same thing for months – as inventories improve, mark-ups disappear, and competition heats up again…

Those who prepare – always have & always will win BIG!


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