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The ‘slump’ is a growth killer…

“When I don’t do well, I find myself doing less, instead of more, to work my way out of a slump.”

Instead of putting the spring back in their step and a smile on their face, most guarantee to fail again tomorrow, because of their attitude.

Example: You started selling cars 12 months ago, climbed slowly, and ended up making $48,000, and your last 3 months averaged $5,400.

Now if you just improved by $600 a month, 3 months later your averaging $6,000 and that puts you on track to make $72,000.

And you bumped your income just by improving your skills, work habits, attitude and / or by driving your own traffic (be-backs, repeats, referrals, prospecting), so now you don’t have to ‘hope’ you get a good ‘up’.

You don’t need giant leaps to make great money, you just have to focus on improving something.

80% of salespeople don’t know how to take control of their income. That’s why I post new testimonials. Read them and you’ll see you’re just steps away from $100K plus.

Nobody on salary or hourly can improve their income by 10 or 20 or 100 grand – but you can, overnight.

Question: Do you know how much you have to average every month to hit $100,000 every year?

Grab a calculator, divide $100K by 12 and start setting your goals to get there, step by step.


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