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Their Wants and Needs…

Ask Joe: “You say ‘find their wants and needs’ a lot, please explain more.”

Buying anything starts with a want or a need. Understanding the differences and how to handle them and improve skills is critical in sales.

• I need a desk since I’m working from home now. A true ‘need’ isn’t optional. BUT, most of the time, people say “I need” and list everything they’d like to have – which makes it more expensive.

Added ‘wish list stuff’ kills too many of your deals and instead of dropping them and buying, to save face they go down the street and leave out the extras because they know they can’t afford them.

If it’s a real need though, like a tow package to pull their boat to the river next week, of course, that’s a different story.

After they list off what they want, an easy way to separate wants from needs is to ask the ‘Wish or Requirement’ question…

“Bob, you said you hope to get a boat in the future, so is the tow package a requirement today, or something on your wish list we can easily add later to keep those payments down for now?”

Caution: When you’re still presenting, don’t ask a ‘wish or requirement’ question on everything. Too many deletes sound like no, no, no. Save those for when you’re inside working the deal.

• I want the XL with entertainment package, power folding rear seats, sunroof, tow package, and those 26” wheels.

You’ll lose some sales if you assume they can’t afford everything and try to switch them to a cheaper vehicle. You can also super sell everything they list and lose a sale, too. Better; just do your job and investigate, so you can clarify later with the ‘W or R’.

Fast forward: You’re writing them up, and budget is definitely a problem. The added packages like the ‘entertainment’ or 26” wheels can kill the sale. Entertainment may be a requirement, but there are other options, and wheels can be added down the road. Learn to show people a ‘work around’ with the same result.

E Pkg & Wheels: “Last week a family decided to get two $200 tablets instead of the E Pkg so each has their own and can use it for school, too … As for wheels, some stores have a bigger selection and may be less money, and instead of paying them off over 6 years, you could get them on your CC, pay it off sooner and save a ton in interest, then it should still fit your budget.”

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