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They Came To Buy – Make Sure It’s With You…

Ask Joe … How tough should it be to sell someone a vehicle they came to buy?

I agree, sometimes it’s way tougher than it should be. Some people don’t want buying to be easy, some people have been burned so bad in the past that you can’t change it, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do but hang in there and go at it, toe-to-toe.

But in real life, those are the extremes, especially when you do things the way we teach. Seriously, let go of any preconceived thoughts, and bad experiences, and just think your way through the 8-Step process.

There are no tricks, gimmicks, and no shortcuts to selling more. We’re getting comments on our website and JVTN® every month that make it even tougher to hold onto old arguments about why you can’t sell more, or why you can’t make any more money on a vehicle.

I’m never suggesting you’ll close 100%, but no matter where you work or what you sell, you can sell one more unit than you’re averaging now, and you can add $50 more in gross profit to your average this month.

It’s a success killer to keep telling yourself there’s nothing you can do. Once you buy in to those reasons, it’s downhill from there. It just isn’t true that you can’t sell more, unless you make it true. You just have to change, a little or a lot, and only you know which that is. And the good news is you have lots of choices of where and how to improve.

Do a better job on the 8 steps, or incoming calls; both offer easy extra sales. Or say hi every day to a couple of service customers and you’ll bump into a buyer in spite of your skills. Or follow up with people who don’t buy, or call your previous customers, or stay out of the huddle or ??? Just do something different. If you just keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll only keep getting what you’re getting.


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