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They Won’t ‘Trade’

Sure, most salespeople say they want to sell more and earn more, but it’s the ‘trades’ they aren’t willing to make…

• They won’t trade bad habits like skipping demos to follow the steps to the sale 100% of the time to sell more.

• They’d rather spend half an hour doing nothing, than spend 10 minutes on JVTN® to improve their skills, so they can sell more.

• They won’t trade the time they waste waiting for a tough to close, price shopper to make calls today to fill tomorrow with appointments.

It’s time to ‘make the trade’…

1) List the things you already know you could improve to sell more each month.

2) List the excuses you use to justify why you can’t / don’t improve.

3) Then get to work on YOU and grow, or stop making excuses.


Just get my (free) book(s) and follow directions and you’ll sell more.

Why do I stress, “free”? Because most people won’t trade $20 bucks or an hour or so to read a book to learn to earn millions more in their lifetimes.

The $20 book is free, the ‘time’ is up to you. When you get it, break a bad habit and read page 1 before page 2, etc.

Why? Because whether it’s my book on selling or a course on JVTN®, if you just head to the ‘closing’ section, try one of the closes and say, “That didn’t work” – it’s because if chapter 15 is on ‘closing’, chapters 1-14 are on what you need to know and do before it’s time to close so that it ends in a sale.

If you skip steps, there aren’t any secret closes that turn it into a sale.

Start doing more things right this year, and you’ll start putting more money in your pocket each month.


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