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Tips On Using JVTN®

1) Spend 10 minutes a day to take a JVTN® chapter on improving your Sales.

The more time you spend on your education in sales, the more cars you’ll sell.

2) Watch Videos Take Courses!

Don’t focus on viewing time instead of skill development…

We have courses on JVTN®, not videos. Each course is about 20 chapters and takes a month to complete, one chapter per day. Each chapter is about 12 minutes, so in a half hour meeting, that’s 1/3 watching, 1/3 discussion and 1/3 practice. Whether you’re doing group training with the other salespeople and your manager or whether you’re taking a course on your own – Do The Practice & Discussion Homework!

You’ll find the discussion points at the end of each chapter, right before the quiz. We cover ‘what’ and ‘how’ to role play the information and actually develop the skill that was covered. If you’re taking the course on your own, do your homework and practice with another salesperson.

3) Forget fast and furious and focus on improving your skills. Watching 50 chapters as fast as you can isn’t learning how to sell, it’s just watching videos.

An education on JVTN® can turn you from an 8-car guy into a 15 to 20-unit pro in a few months. That means you’re sitting on the potential to double your sales – no matter how many cars you sell now or how long you’ve been in the business.

Is it worth the trouble? Easy, just do the math on how much more you’d personally earn and then start training NOW.

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