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To Grow – Build Your Repeat & Referral Business

How do you maintain relationships with friends you don’t see but every few years? You stay in touch by phone, text or email.

How do you make future sales to the customer who just bought from you? You stay in touch by phone, text or email.

You can’t control the # of leads you get or the # of walk-ins you get each month. Yes, you may still have a big month now and then, but that isn’t growth.

The opposite is true with Repeat and Referral business, because you can control your growth by maintaining and continually building your repeat & referral base.

Building your R&R base starts with a continuous contact process ‘forever’… with every customer you don’t sell, and with every customer you do.

Why even missed sales? Because most still bought the same brand you sell.

And that other salesperson won’t stay in touch. Even when they know repeat business equals growth, most are too lazy to do the work and that’s why you can jump back in to earn those future sales.

I made 5 or 6 sales to referrals from a guy
that I didn’t sell a truck to.

How? Because his salesperson was lazy or thought the opportunity ended at delivery.

Most salespeople won’t even send a thank you note (from them, not a computer) to someone they made a grand on and then whine because they aren’t selling more.

I hate to be a party pooper, but…

To sell more & earn more, you have to actually work for it!
Follow Up Starts Immediately…

I started my ‘Unsold Contact Process’ within minutes of a customer leaving and I always sent my ‘lost sale’ customers a short, handwritten ‘Thank You’ note afterwards, too. Something close to…

“Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. I’m sorry we
didn’t have the exact truck you needed for work
and I’m glad you were able to find it, etc.”


Repeat & Referrals are the foundation for continuous growth in sales volume and income every year. So you’ll want to start your contacts immediately with a ‘Thank You’ text or e-mail from you personally, not the ‘standard’ system letter.

Easy monthly contacts…I put every sold and unsold customer into my database and sent everyone my one page “Joe’s Newsletter” every month.

Mine was printed, but you can easily do the same in a short, one page document you attach or just create an email.

Keep it simple and don’t try to sell something or they won’t read it but once. I just shared new product info, service specials, my Grandmother’s favorite recipe, etc. Just ‘stuff’ that’s interesting.

Sure, some just tossed it and some didn’t. Either way, they all saw my name every month in a non-invasive mailout.

Focus on what works, not what doesn’t.

If you call 10 people and make one sale,
to sell two, you just need to call 20 instead.

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