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Topping $170,000

“$125K, $140K, and $170K with JVTN®!”

“Joe – When we first got JVTN® and went through your How To Sell Cars online course, I followed your new Basics, because that’s what I was told to do.

Then I began to see it work consistently, then I began to understand why it works consistently. Now it is just a part of me, that every customer goes through the exact same process every time. I always assume everyone I talk to is here to buy a car from me right now.

Sales is such a mental game and I realized that you have to go to work to work every day, not just some days or most days – every single day! And you have to leave your problems at the curb and just focus on right now.

JVTN® is such a huge part of where that energy, excitement and enthusiasm comes from and Sean is always there to remind you…THEY ARE ALL BUYERS!

I just had my best month ever, with 36 units and more gross than I really thought was possible. My current average is up to 29 units.

I have been consistently getting better year after year, and earning more and more – $125K, $140K and I am on track for my best year ever during a pandemic for $170K.

Your training has enabled me to provide a lifestyle for myself and my family that I could have only dreamed of 10 years ago. Thanks for providing me with the fundamentals and structure to create a super successful career in the car business!”

– Matt Lopez, Salesperson, NY