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Triple Your Commission & Double Your Sales!

“I tripled my commission and I almost doubled my units!”

“I just hit 1 year in the car business and I had been averaging 14 units per month and my commission was OK. After attending Joe’s Sales Workshop my confidence was soaring as I now had a clear 8-step process to get the customer from the greeting to the office.

I learned to get them excited about the dealership, myself and how get them excited about owning by building more value and staying off price. I went from selling 14 units and making $3,000 a month to selling 25 units and making $9,000 the next 2 months back to back. That’s more in 2 months than I’d made the 6 months before class.

Thanks Joe for a needed boost to my career in sales and a foolproof plan for continued growth for the future.”

-Brian, Salesperson, Honda, NY