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Turn Lost $ales Into $$$

8 out of 10 people you don’t sell
are still going to buy – from you or someone else.

You’ve done 80% of the work and when be-backs show, most buy so do your job and improve your sales 30-50% this month.

#1. You can’t stay in touch with anyone if you don’t get their info. You need name, cell, email, complete address, etc. How? Ask with a reason: “I’ll text you a link to X with more info, if that’s ok?” (Sure.) If not ok, email it or mail it. You want ‘text’.

#2. Send a text within minutes of leaving. Short ‘n Sweet with an urgent reason.

Bob – make a u-turn quick. Told my manager about your trade and he thinks he has a buyer now, and needs to see it ASAP. Joe

#3. Send an email within minutes, if you texted and got no response

Texted you because I know you want top dollar for your trade, so let me know asap when you can stop by, my manager still has the buyer. Joe

#4. If they still didn’t respond, mail the same message in a short ‘Thank You’ card.

#5. If no response, call asap with the same urgency (trade). If no reply, call again early tomorrow and again later and the next morning. Stress you’re trying to help and keep calling until they ask you to stop, then apologize with, ‘just trying to help you out’.

#6. If you’ve gotten nowhere, get your manager to call quick, before it’s too late.

TIP: Put everyone you sell or don’t sell into your master follow-up list. Why? Because families buy 36 vehicles and the stat below means you’ll have no competition.

90% of the other salespeople will never
contact them whether they buy or not.


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