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Turn Lost ‘New’ Sales Into ‘Used’ Deliveries

At my last dealership, we averaged about 20 salespeople and sold 250-300 new and used.

Four of us though, sold 100+ between us, and of my 30ish a month, at least a third were used.

I moved a lot of new vehicle buyers to used and a lot of used to new. But you can’t do either unless you learn to switch transition them to the other inventory.

The key is learning what’s important to the customer and how to present the benefits.

If you’re only selling one or two crossovers, and are on JVTN®, you really should take my online sales course; “Selling Used Cars”.

If you don’t have JVTN®, ask your dealer to get it or at least get it on TOD (Training on Demand). You’ll have it for a couple months and you’ll learn to improve your used and new sales and income for life.

If the dealer won’t do it, get a few salespeople to pitch in – it’ll only take a couple of sales the rest of your career to recover your investment.

Take the course and sell more!


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