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Units and Gross are Way Up!

“I had a 50% increase in units, and I
tripled my gross after your workshop.”

“I have been in sales about 10 months at a great dealership, and I have a significant role model, my father, who oversees training for the Lindsay group.

I started out on JVTN® which got me on the right track, and then when I attended your Closing and Negotiation Workshop … it connected all the dots and I sold four cars in the next 2 days. 

Now I understand why you suggest the combination of online and workshop sales training. That’s exactly what I needed. 

I was selling about 8 a month, and I was getting mostly minis. I got people to like me, trust me, and buy from me, but the gross just wasn’t there. 

Now I’m completely confident in presenting full sticker or even sticker plus. 

One of the biggest changes I made after your training, was refocusing the customer to budget. And then when I understood your negotiation process, now I’m averaging $3,500-$4,000 down per deal, where before the workshop, I was lucky to get $1,000. 

Joe – thanks for an incredible workshop. I was on track to make $50K for the year and now I’m on track to hit $100K my very first year in sales!”

-Jason Jones, Salesperson, VA