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Unsold Follow Up

For my first 5 years, my managers said ‘there’s no such thing as a be-back’…so of course, I didn’t follow up.

For 5 years I didn’t even get names and numbers if they didn’t buy. Since none of us did any follow up, we didn’t get many be-backs, either, which meant our managers were correct.

Be smarter than we were…

We surveyed 3,500 salespeople and on an average day, they talk to 3 to 5 people on the lot. Now before you say, “I don’t average 4 per day,” count everyone you talk to including those who say ‘just looking’, the lunch hour wanderer, the kid on the skateboard, and the ones without their spouses.

Do the math: 4 a day is about 100 per month (4 x 25 working days). Sure, some don’t buy – in fact, 2 out of 10 won’t be buying soon. The flip side of that stat is that 8 out of 10 will buy, and 90% buy within a week.

More math: 8 out of 10 buy, and that means 80 of your ‘ups’ were buyers. If you sell 10, you only missed 70 sales.

Yeah I know, that’s unreasonable, so cut it in half and pretend you only talk to 50, and only lose 40, if that makes you feel better.

A suggestion: Assume every person you talk to came to buy and do your best every time. Then if they don’t buy, follow up until they do.

With unsold follow up, you can increase your sales 60% overnight.


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