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Unsold Prospects

Happens every day: You spent time, didn’t make the sale and they left. You know the stats: 78% (8 of 10) came to buy, and that doesn’t change, just because they left.

That means your hottest prospect
for a quick & easy sale just drove away.

Averages: 33% (3 out of 9) come back with good follow up (use what we teach = 50%) and 2 of the 3 (66%) will buy on the spot.

90% of the work has been done,
so why don’t salespeople follow up?

#1. Don’t get their info. I looked at a new Defender yesterday. He didn’t ask my name or tell me his. I drove it, liked it, said I was interested, asked him when more will come in, he didn’t know. Still didn’t ask my name, no card, and I left.

#2. Expect the customer to take action. “Here’s my card, gimme a call before you do anything, we’ll beat any deal in town…”

#3. Wait too long to contact them. Assume you have minutes, not days, to get them back before they buy somewhere else.

#4. Give up after a couple of attempts. Never give up, not even when they tell you they bought somewhere else. Why?

a. They’ll buy more cars.

b. That salesperson won’t stay in touch.

Example: We didn’t have the truck he had to have, and I didn’t make a sale, but I stayed in touch. My first call was, “Congrats, glad you found the right truck, etc.” Then I put them into my ‘hot prospect’ file.

In the next 90 days, I sold them and their referrals several vehicles, because I did what that salesperson wasn’t willing to do.

If you want to make $100K+ selling cars every year, you can.

You just have to do the work


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