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Up $400 Per Unit!

“I increased my commission $400 per unit!”

“I’ve been selling cars and have been training on JVTN® most of that time, and JVTN® has truly been an eye opener by providing me the tools I need to thrive in the car business.

I recently attended The Closing workshop and WOW! The information and energy I picked up from the workshop truly increased my confidence and enthusiasm for this business. Upon learning the 3-pass budget focused negotiation process I almost felt it was too easy now to go back and ask for all of the money.

So I did it and it worked…I increased my commission per unit by $400 per unit, and I made more money than ever before and I had more customers that liked me even more!  By focusing on the value and getting more down, I was able to get more deals financed, and was able to deliver more vehicles on shorten terms…which means I would have that customer back that much faster for their next vehicle.  Thanks Joe, for giving us back the secret to having more fun and making more money!”

-Omar, Salesperson, Chevrolet Buick, CO

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