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Wages for Waiting = $0

But how much you can earn in sales is unlimited!

Write the question below on a few business cards, tape a note on the back of your phone or create reminders throughout the day so that you’re constantly reminded to “work” when you’re at work.

“Am I doing the most productive thing possible right now?”

Everyone is great, good or at least kinda decent at ‘working’ with a customer to make a sale. It’s just that to earn more, you have to have someone to ‘work’ with.

There are 2 kinds of work in sales…

1. Working with a customer.
2. Working to find a customer.

Waiting for your dealer to get someone for you to talk to is down time, and your earnings for down time between customers is $0.

Because your income is unlimited, why wouldn’t you want to spend the time you aren’t with someone generating more customers?

If you’re ready to get to work…

1. Go to and download my FREE audio, “Go to Work to Work” – then listen to it before you go in every day.

2. Go to and take our FREE Monthly Planning Guide course, so you can get control of your income.

Even if you don’t use my planners, you’ll learn how to start managing your days in sales to sell more.

Come on … Just do it!


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