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Watch out for tricks your mind & ego play…

Your mind, and especially your ego are not always your best friend. They want you to be perfect as-is, so they do their best to muddy the waters on anything new.

It’s a mental tug of war.

It’s tough to jump on board with ‘New’ things when you don’t understand how they could work.

But you can’t see the bigger picture, if you’re mentally arguing about any skill or process we’re trying to cover.

So here’s a tip…When we’re covering things you haven’t done before, especially those you haven’t seen applied, like staying off price, or turning a call who just wanted a price into a delivery, or changing the conversation from price to value – close your ears and take my online sales training courses on

Why? Because your habits and your ego want everything to stay ‘as is’, so your mind argues against change.

So do this when you’re taking my training and realize you’re having that mental struggle. Just stop, take a breath and go over that segment again a couple times.

If you can stop your mental arguments and all that chatter in your mind about why it won’t work – and instead just listen to understand, you can speed up your growth and income in sales and your success by years and years. Just because we’ve always done it one way – doesn’t make it the best way.


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