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Went from $25K to $120K!

“I was earning $25,000, now I’m at $120,000!”

“I went from working at a grocery store and going to college making $25K to $30K to making $120,000 my first full year in car sales. 

When I got into the car business, I started out in the BDC, and transitioned to sales a year and a half ago.

I have been training on JVTN® since day one, and was a solid 13-15 car guy. Then something just ‘clicked’ in early summer of 2022, with my online training. I got my attitude straight and believed they were all buyers and started working on Joe’s 8 step sales process, from start to finish, and really focused in on the closing sequence and handling objections.

The 71% statistic that ‘people buy from people they like’ began to be very clear, as I looked back at my customers. The happiest customers do truly pay you the most, so let’s make them all happy. I just had my best month of 23 units, which was 128% of my objective from my dealership. My current 90-day average is 19.3 and my goal for this year is to get to $200,000.

As I continue to train daily and practice-practice-practice, I know I will hit my goal. Thanks, Joe!”

Addison Winch, Salesperson, Toyota, NY