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What do you do with prospects calling from out of state?

1. First rule: Assume they’re calling you, because they want to buy a vehicle.

2. Then there are 8 steps to selling.

Quick Recap of 8 steps to a “Sale”

1. Greet & get some rapport working for you. 2. Investigate to find who, what, when, how & why. 3. Help them select the perfect vehicle for them. 4. Demo the vehicle. 5. Half dozen Summary Closes. 6. Assumptive Close. 7. Action Closes. 8. Wrap it up & head inside.

OK, that’s selling a car, but you’re trying to sell an appointment. What’s the key word about selling on the lot or selling on the phone for an appointment on the lot or selling a car and shipping it.

Yep, it’s the word “selling”. So which of those 8 steps to selling can you skip on the phone and still overcome the distance, price, shipping and delivery issues, so that you can sell the vehicle?

Just #4 … every other step is part of ‘selling’ an appointment if they’re local, and even more important, if you’ll have to sell the vehicle and ship it to them.

Q: If someone calls 5 dealerships and only 1 person follows those 7 steps, which one do you think has the best odds of actually delivering them a vehicle?

I’ve stopped at the same local dealer 3 times and nobody even said ‘hi’. I talked to a dealer Saturday, told him what I want and he said ‘no problem’, he’ll go over all the features, order it for me & either drop ship it or just mail it to me, no big deal.

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