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What Is Teamwork?

Because teamwork is so critical to success for any dealership in today’s market, we talk about teamwork in all of our 2-Day Leadership / Management workshops.

But what is teamwork, how do you define teamwork, and what does teamwork mean to you?
• Everybody helping each other
• Everybody trying to hit a goal
• Everybody cooperating

In class, the consistent definition is… Everybody working together toward a common goal!

So who is everybody? Does everybody mean some of the people, most of the people, or all of the people? Sure, everybody means all of the people in every department working together toward a common goal for the dealership.

What’s the common goal in your dealership? Not just your team or your department, but what’s the common goal for the dealership?

Ask your Dealer and GM to clarify that for everyone, so you can all start working together to hit the team goal.
I’m betting it’s something close to “Growing every year by developing a customer retention process so we can sell more, hold more gross, improve CSI and eliminate turnover in every department.” Just a guess.

So what about you? If that’s the goal, are you a team player?

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