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What Will It Take To Hit $100,000 In ’24?

Most people have no idea!

$100,000 a year should be the base you improve from, not your ‘hope to get lucky & hit one year’!

So, the question I get a lot is, “Do I have to work in a high line store or in a better location?” Nope.

Does it depend on if your dealer sends you to class or has JVTN®, so you can learn more? No. (But it won’t hurt to let them know you’d like to attend one.)

Your success is up to you, and none of the above are required for you to reach your goal.

However, even if you only want to sell just one more car than you’re selling now, something does have to change.

If it doesn’t, then you just keep on doing the same thing and seeing that up / down chart /\/\/\/\/\/\ of good month, bad month … always up and down, but never better.

Let’s look at some of the common sense things you have to do to hit your first $100K year in sales.

What do you have to do to hit $100,000 every year?

a) To answer that, you have to know how much you need to make each month to hit $100K. Quick: What’s the answer? $_____

b) You have to know your 3 month ‘average’ commission per unit, including spiffs & bonuses: $_____

c) And you have to know your 3 month ‘average’ # of units you sell each month now: #_____

Without knowing a-c you can’t set realistic goals to hit $100,000.

BTW: a) is $8,333 per month.

I’d recommend you read two of my (free) books: “Make $100K” and “Goal Setting for Salespeople”.

If you use my Monthly Planning Guide, you have all the info you need every month to hit your goal.

If you don’t have $20 for the MPG, take my (free) online course on how to use it, so you understand what and why.

$100K is just waiting on you to make it happen!


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