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Takes more than Optimism to Hit your Goals

“I will sell 30 cars a month!”

That is certainly optimistic, but…

Optimism is just another word for highball. Hitting 30 takes goals, a plan, skills and discipline.

Everybody says they want to sell more, earn more, build their customer base and more.

The problem always boils down to the ‘trades’ you’ll have to make.

If You Wish…
• more people were asking for you
• you could close more.
• your gross was higher, and that
• you could make $100,000+…

No problem!

It’s the trade-off, not the lack of opportunity that stops people from becoming more successful.

You won’t get more customers asking for you, your gross won’t go up, closing won’t be easier, and you will not hit $100K if you just keep doing what you’re doing.

Most of you have JVTN® with 20 ‘30-day courses’ to continually develop better skills. Your trade off? You need to stop watching my videos, and start taking them as month long courses.

And for an overnight make over, tell your dealer you also want to attend our 2-day sales workshop.

You’re in the highest paying profession and most likely, you’re treading water. People’s biggest FEAR is that they will try and fail.

You won’t! So start training right with JVTN® & get to class.