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What Works Best for a Walkaround…?

Ask Joe: Why should a 6-Point Walkaround
be a ‘Targeted’ 2 or 3-Point Walkaround instead?

I was a judge at a walkaround contest held by the manufacturer.

The best product sales experts from every region were there. They came on stage with the vehicles they’d present and the crowds roared (OK, no roar, but they did applaud).

They knew everything about their product. But if this was Dancing With the Stars, they all would have been voted off for doing a Fox Trot when they should be doing the Texas 2 step instead. On the lot, it would have cost them almost every sale.

Sure this was a memory test more than a presentation. And we’d never suggest that a salesperson should ever cover everything these salespeople were telling us.

Why? Because people don’t care about everything you know about a vehicle. And if you tell them, you’ll bore more off the lot than you’ll sell.

We’ve all seen product knowledge experts in action. They start at the right front, then engine, driver’s side, left rear, trunk, and last, the passenger side, so the driver will be in the seat and head out on a demo.

There are certainly exceptions, but before long, most of their customers leave – usually with too much info to try to figure out and without their new vehicle.

I’ve never met a product expert who covered everything, who actually sold more than average.

On the flip side, I’ve known lots of experts who sold 20-30+ a month who knew not to share it all.

People don’t care about everything you know, just what matters to them.

Of course do a ‘generic’ walkaround in your “Wander Around” as you’re explaining the difference between the x, xr, xs, and x-cetera.

Always start at the lowest model and explain the differences as you move up to the next level. They’ll notice the pricing increase as they add stuff, and that’s important.

Don’t go deep yet. Save your real presentation until after you’ve found out who it’s for, why they’re getting it and how they’ll be using it.

Now you’ll have a half-dozen hot buttons to ‘target’ in a presentation that will help you close the sale.


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