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What’s an hour of your time worth?

It takes a couple of hours to make a sale today, so if you average $600 a sale, that means you’ve made $300 an hour. Nice!

What are the other hours worth – when you don’t have a customer and are just waiting for another walk-in or lead? ZERO $.

That doesn’t have to be true. It’s only ZERO $ if you do nothing but wait. Spend a couple of hours each day prospecting, get an appointment that shows and make another $600. Now you’re at $1,200 … $600 from working today + $600 from prospecting!

How long would it take you to learn and practice a basic ‘script’ to start a sale correctly? An hour or 2? Maybe 4, including practice? So what would that be worth?

The first few minutes of your time with a customer are more important than everything else you do, because it sets the ‘path’ of the sale.

Instead of watching our courses on JVTN® or thumbing through my book, ‘double down’ and master the 8 steps I lay out in ‘How To Sell More Cars’ online or in the book. It’ll take you 1 or 2 hours a day for about a month to practice, until you ‘own it’.

So for 20-30 hours of your time, you can double your income for the rest of your career, just by following my 8 steps.

I know most salespeople think inventory & COVID control their income. They don’t – your skills & daily work habits do. That’s why you see such great results from people who attend my sales workshops and dig in to continually develop their selling skills on JVTN®.


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