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What’s your choice…20/60/20?

Ask Joe: “What do you see as far as sales for the rest of 2018, will it be good or bad?”

In my manager’s newsletter this month, we’re talking about the 80/20 rule, which is really the 20/60/20 rule and about how it applies to almost every group of people.

Between our sales and support staff, we talk to over 500 dealers, managers and salespeople across North America every week. Because we talk to so many people, we hear directly from ‘boots on the ground’ about what’s really going on in the car business.

What are they saying? In general, 20% are having a record year, and 80% aren’t. The 80% are saying,

 “It’s getting a little tougher to do business as usual.”

The 80% are predicting fewer sales even though the most recent articles in auto publications say that many are predicting growth this year. So if there’s a chance of growth, how can it be possible that 80% of the people and their dealerships will sell even less?

Simple: The 20% will take sales from the 80% who aren’t prepared or willing to do what it takes to grow.

That’s for dealerships, but how about for salespeople? Whether their dealerships grow or not, 20% of the salespeople will also have a record year while 80% of the salespeople won’t.

Your success depends on which group you decide to join.

 The Top 20% … They control their own success with their skills, work habits, their attitude, and by developing their own customers. These top 20% of dealerships, managers and salespeople will rock ‘n roll every year because that’s what they choose to do.

The Bottom 20% … These dealerships and most of their salespeople could be in the hottest market, next door to the #1 dealership in the world, and still have their worst year ever.

Improve? No way! Some would stand in freeway traffic rather than learn more and change. Most of these people can be standing next to a 40 car guy while they try to convince everyone it’s impossible to get past 8.

When some of the salespeople and managers in this group attended our sales class, we’ve had many of them realize they wasted the last 20 or 30 years by staying in this bottom group when they could have done so much better instead.

The 60% In The Middle … You have some at the top and some at the bottom, but for the most part, these folks are waiters and followers.

Some are waiting for someone to push them to do better instead of taking charge themselves. Most are just followers who go with the flow of the others in this group.

Your sales this year are up to you. What’s your choice … 20 / 60 / 20?


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