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What’s A Good Hourly Wage For Selling Cars?

I was making $20 an hour before I got into sales – what’s a good hourly wage to shoot for selling cars? When I sold cars the first time, my fifth year I was curious, too, and did the math to find my own hourly income. When I
found out how much I was making, I stopped selling cars the next day.

Too bad I hadn’t learned to control my income. I thought the only way to earn more was to work longer and I was already putting in two shifts to average 8 cars a month.

Using the average 9-hour work day vs. the posted schedule, figuring 50 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, here’s an example of your hourly income…

$ 35,000 per year …… $14.00 per hour
$ 75,000 per year …… $30.00 per hour
$100,000 per year …… $40.00 per hour
$150,000 per year……. $60.00 per hour

I’ve improved my income every year but 3 since I was 14. What I’ve learned is that the secret to earning more money isn’t working longer, it’s working smarter.

At $35,000 you don’t have to put in extra time to double your income, just work your full shift instead of only
actually working 3 hours.

To turn $35,000 into $100,000, you still don’t have to put in more hours. Just set goals, work your full shift and develop your selling, closing, objection, negotiation, prospecting, follow-up and retention skills – and focus on repeat and referral business for 75% of your sales.

You can make $100,000 working 40 hours a week, but not if you have $30,000 skills and $30,000 work habits, and not if you focus on walk-ins. Learn to make $100,000 working 40 hours instead of 50 and your hourly wages jump to $50.

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