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“What’s your #1 tip?”

Time to answer more of the “How can I…?” questions we get…

“What’s your biggest #1 tip to help me sell more cars and make more money?”

To succeed, you have to take charge of you.

Fact: About 10% will buy no matter how bad you are, and 10% won’t buy no matter how good you are.

Success in selling cars or RVs or boats or motor sports products isn’t in hoping for a 10% laydown who’ll say ‘yes’ to anything…and it’s definitely not by falling apart when ‘Bad Bob’ (the difficult 10%’ers) show up.

If you’re working with leads and walk-ins who are the 80% in the middle, success comes from good selling skills and the discipline to follow my process to walk them through the sale.

By developing a dozen key skills, and then following my 8 steps to the sale, and with a change of strategy, you’ll end up delivering about half of the people you talk to.

Strategy? Remember everyone came to buy, so assume they will, and as important, remember that…

“You sell on your feet and talk price on your seat.”

We’ve been taught to focus on price first on the lot, to either put them on the right vehicle or to figure out whether they can buy or not … either of which is always at the expense of creating value.

Why is it bad? Because in the end, it’s value and their budget that determine what they’ll take for their trade, $ down, and the payment they’ll stretch for to get the perfect vehicle.

If you think of those toughest deals, price was the focus from the beginning. Either the customer brought it up, or it’s the salesperson who kicked it off.

The secret to selling more is realizing that making a sale is a process that you have to control, which you can if you continually develop your skills like Randy did.

You’ll start selling more if you’re willing to work on YOU.


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