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What’s Your ‘One Thing’…?

There’s always ‘one thing’ (or more) that you can improve!

What If You Could Learn The ‘One Thing’…?

● one question you could ask to break the ice quickly, when you first meet someone
● one sales process you could follow every time, to sell more
● one question to move away from price, so you could continue to focus on selling the car
● one question you could ask to eliminate price as an issue on the lot and in your negotiations
● one question that would turn 3 or 4 objections for not buying, into just one you can close on
● one question you could ask when people want a vehicle you don’t have, that gives you a chance to sell what you do have in stock
● one new close a month, that would get more people to say “yes”
● one thing to keep your customer from leaving when you can’t get together on a deal…

If you could find the answer to your ‘one thing’ would you take the time and do the work to master it?

Just take any chapter on JVTN® every day, to learn ‘one more thing’.

You do know that in sales, we miss more sales than we make, right?

In fact, if salespeople were willing to count all of the opportunities they have to sell a car each month, their average closing ratio (delivery ratio) would only be about 10%.

How can that be?

In 3,500 salespeople we surveyed online, and in every class we’ve held, when salespeople count every opportunity, they all agree that they talk to at least 3 to 5 people on the lot every day.

4 opportunities per day have always been the average.

So, the calculator says ‘if you work 25 days per month, you’re talking to about 100 people’, not just the 50 most salespeople log. The math on delivering 10 of 100 means your closing ratio is about 10%.

To improve their closing ratio, most salespeople just don’t count everyone. They leave out the ‘lunchtime lookers’, the kid who needs mom and dad, and don’t count the service customer drooling over that new car on the showroom floor.

Let’s go over some ways you can improve your closing ratio.


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