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What’s your story?

I was watching a program about how people either stay the same or change. The end point was that we all either write our own story in life, or life will write it for us.

Think about it. Aren’t our life experiences broken into chapters; kid, teenager, adult, soldier, bartender, salesperson, trainer, etc.?

If yours has been perfect, was it ‘luck’ or were you heavily involved? If some chapters were dark, did you work through it and come out stronger or get stuck there?

Your story up to now has gotten you to where you are now. Whether that’s good or bad, why not write the rest of your story exactly the way you want it to happen?

It’s your life, and your chips on the table. You can just go along for the ride and hope it all works

out, or you can write it out exactly, and then make it happen.

Most people are just riding the waves in life and hoping for the best. But if we don’t write our next chapter the way we want it – we just get whatever happens, and that sounds pretty iffy for the next few years, to me.

94% of written goals with a plan are achieved.

Please download my FREE Goal Setting book and just read the first few pages. If it doesn’t make sense for you, toss it. But if it does, create your goals and write your plans for you and your family.

You can accomplish anything with a clear goal & a plan to get you there.