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When You Can’t Change “What Is” You Have To Let Go Of “What Was”

And that’s the problem some people are having…

When it comes to adapting and adjusting, some can, and some can’t.

Because we talk to so many dealerships every day, we hear both, ‘I can’ & ‘I can’t’ – even in the same markets, with the same issues.

Even with the pandemic shutdowns, safety and sanitation guidelines, social distancing, masks, doing more business over the internet and on the phone/video, taking cars to customers’ homes, etc. – selling is still selling and you need good skills.

The ‘pent up’ demand is helping dealerships sell more now, but…

Some can’t let go of ‘what was’ so they can deal with ‘what is’.

These people are talking about all the problems, and they’re stuck.

Some of them even have JVTN® but they aren’t taking the courses we have that specifically relate to solving their problems.

Really! Fewer people to sell to, lots of down time, but they aren’t trying to learn how to sell more to the ‘few’ they do see – don’t let that happen to you!

Are you developing your skills to turn more digital leads and incoming calls into appointments or to sell the car when a buyer does show up? Are you trying to bring in more customers on your own? Don’t get stuck just waiting for a good ‘up’!

We also talk to people who are saying, “We’re so busy, we’re having our best month in years.”

If that’s you, Congratulations! And remember – in a month or so, inventories of your hot products will probably shrink… So when your hot models are gone, you’ll face another adjustment period, and you’ll need good selling skills on how to sell what you have in stock.

So keep in touch and watch for more of our tip videos, newsletters and my blog. They will provide you with more information, more content, thought starters, and access to several new sales resources than before.

So slow down, take notes, learn more and have a great month.


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