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When You Learn More – You’ll Earn More

If your goal is to become one of those 20, 30 or 40 car SP, we are hands down your very best source – period.

How do we help people turn pro? Because we teach skills & processes, like how to deal with price, which is about the biggest reason you lose sales and income. (No, salespeople don’t lose those sales because the price isn’t low enough, it’s lost because they lack the skills to handle price correctly.)

A skill is something you learn to do, like closing. But what most people don’t realize is that every aspect of ‘selling’, like dealing with price, or closing is also a process.

Let’s use the sales process for example. It’s made up of several smaller processes (steps) which require their own skills and processes.

Example: Greeting people properly to move the sale forward is a process, and it requires skills. The same is true for building rapport to establish trust, dealing with price effectively so you can investigate to find each driver’s wants and needs so you can focus on value, not price, selling the dealership (service for retention), demonstrating the vehicle, making a ‘targeted’ presentation to all drivers on their hot buttons, and finishing up the selling process with a 4 step closing process that ends with an effective wrap up to set you up for a successful negotiation process.

It takes us 2 days in our sales workshop to teach everything in that last paragraph and the skills that go with it. On JVTN® that’s what we cover in the first 4 courses.

What surprises most salespeople when they get to class is that it isn’t filled with new guys. Sure there are some, but there are also 20, 30 or 50 car people in class wanting to improve. They obviously have skills already, but want more. And what high achievers in sales really focus on are more efficient processes.

I Googled ‘average student college loan debt’. It’s about $40,000 to end up earning $50,000 4 years after graduating. Last month a salesperson was in his 8th class of ours. He was selling 7 units and earning $40,000 before his first class. Now he’s at $150,000 and back because he wants to keep improving. He spent 14 days in 7 classes and $8,400 for an education to earn 3 x that 4 year college degree job.

You’re in the highest paying profession, but you have to
learn more to be able to take advantage of the opportunities
automotive sales, and automotive sales management offers.


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