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Which is most important to make a sale – price or value?

Almost every salesperson is taught to focus on price, trade, down and the payments the customer is looking for when they’re out on the lot.

Me, too, my first 5 years. We learned to do that from the other salespeople and from our managers. Everything was about price.

We spent our time with customers trying to find their price range, what payment they could afford, how much down they planned to give us, and if they were upside down on their trade.

The supposed logic was that it would save us and the customer’s time. No point in spinning our
wheels getting ourselves and the customer excited if they can’t buy.

If we put them on too much car (the one they really wanted), we all thought it would end up costing
us sales.

The problems with that…

When you spend your time talking about the money, you aren’t building value in owning the vehicle.

Even if they say, “I’m here to buy X, how much is it?” … that will lead to price talk. To ‘sell’ it, you have
to find their wants, needs and hot buttons, and focus on them to build the value. If you skip that step, even if they go inside, with no value, it’s tough to get those bumps you need.

Once you go down that ‘price’ rabbit hole on the lot, price, not value consumes the conversation.

Which is most important to making a sale? Price or Value And because customers weren’t sold the features, advantages and benefits (wants, needs, hot buttons), the price is always too high.

Everyone wants to ignore this

Price is not their #1 buying motive. It never was and never will be.

In fact, price has never even made the Top 10 of priorities when they’re looking to buy a vehicle.

They’re buying for their reasons, aka: priorities, and if you don’t focus on those wants, needs and hot
buttons, good luck – you’ll need it.

Think about it…what are you focusing on now? Is it price or value?

You talk to 4 people a day, you just don’t count everyone. You work 22 days a month and talk to 88 people.

At 10 sales a month, you’re only making 1 sale every 2.2 days from talking to 10+ people about a car.
That’s not good 🙁

Solution: Stop talking price and start selling cars!


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