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Why Do They Do So Many Write Ups???

“Why do new guys and low achievers write up so many people who can’t buy the vehicle?”

When I started selling cars, we weren’t trained. Our managers just said, “You’re hired, now make me proud and sell something.” So I wrote up everybody I could.

Since we were told to just find a car they liked and ask, “Would you buy it today if everything worked out,” it wasn’t hard for most people to say, “Sure.”

My first few months, most of the people I wrote up couldn’t buy because they were buried or had bad credit.

They liked me though, and were willing to spend the day at the dealership drinking free coffee and trying to buy.

Being new, I didn’t have any selling skills or much product knowledge.

When you can’t ‘sell’, most people who can buy, just keep slipping through your fingers. Those people can buy anywhere and are so tired of the ‘would you buy it today if we made you a deal’ stuff.

Your easiest people to sell, want you to help them buy, not just offer them a cheap price in exchange for helping you make a fast buck without doing your job.

You get a chance to make $300-$400 in commission, 3 or 4 times each day.

With $1,000 or more at stake every day, wouldn’t it make sense to tell your dealer you want to actually learn how to sell more for yourself and the dealership?


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