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Why You Picked The Right Profession…

A career guide in sales to earn the big bucks in life!

Pay attention…

  • There are more millionaires in sales than doctors.
  • Psychologists tell us 70% of our self-talk every day is negative.
  • 90% of our input from the internet, radio, TV, texts, at work and with friends is negative.
  • Each year, the average person watches 1,440 hours of TV. That’s 2 full months of 24/7.
  • Worse: 70% of the time, we’re watching stuff we don’t care about.

What can you do about it?

Based on these stats, I’d recommend the following…

  • To make more money – forget medical school, stay in sales, learn how to sell (from us, of course) & go to work your full shift every day!

(Note: ‘Waiting’ isn’t ‘Working’!)

  • Cut your TV time 70%. Use 30 minutes a day to take the sales training courses on JVTN® to develop your skills and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Avoid negative conversations. Run from negative people as though your personal and financial future is at risk, because it is.
  • Turn off Instagram, etc., and read or listen to something positive every day and you’ll sell more!
  • Make a list of the positive people and activities you know, and involve yourself more with them.


How serious are you about wanting to earn more money? I’m not talking about ‘wishing’ … do you want to sell more and earn more?

Would you like to control your income with less overtime?

What if you could have it all; more sales, higher income and more time enjoying your success?

The testimonials I post are the best ways for you to make more money in sales.*

If you don’t care about ‘more money’, I’m betting your family does, so step up and do it for them.

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