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Will You Sell More?

The ‘choice’ most salespeople ignore.

Success, and more success, is dependent on a person’s motivation, desire, determination, and the self-discipline they apply to make it happen. (And SHAC of course.)

In my first 5 years, 95% of us were stuck at 8 – 12 units, but there’s always someone you hear about who sells more. So we always credited their success to luck, house deals, favoritism, being related or any other negative reason to help us justify why we didn’t sell more.

In real life though, there’s hardly anyone who just gets lucky, lands a job they know next to nothing about, never learns anything about it, but reaches the top anyway.

Most people get stuck in the 8-12 range, not because they don’t try or because they don’t work. They miss 3 out of every 4 sales that walk on the lot because of their SHAC (Skills, Habits, Attitude, Choice of Customers). Let’s not kid each other, a 30 car person has a different skill set, work ethic, mind set (attitude), customer base, goal and plan than the 8 car guy.

A fact: You can always improve by one unit.

No matter how many units you sell now, or how much money you make, with the right attitude you can always develop your skills, work habits and focus on more productive customers to work with and raise your unit average by 1 and your income along with it.

If you’re stuck averaging 8 – you don’t need to worry about 38, just figure out what you need to do to get to 9 and then get serious and do it. Do that every month and you’ll be selling 20 this time next year. If that’s too fast, sell 1 more every 90 days and you’ll still be at 12.

What about your income? As you learn more about selling, you’ll realize that selling isn’t about price and handling price isn’t about lowering it. When you learn to sell more by building value, your gross per unit will go up right along with your sales. And as you consistently move up a unit here and there, don’t forget those bonuses you pick up along the way every month.

Everything about selling gets easier, your income and your satisfaction improve, and you’ll have more time to spend with your family once you make just one decision and follow through with goals, planning and action…

“I will sell more because I can.”


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