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Will you turn ‘pro’ without ever practicing?

Would a golfer become a pro if they just watched videos and never practiced? No way!

I played golf with dozens of people who couldn’t hit anything they were hoping to.

They’d spend a ton on the best equipment, pay hundreds to play on a beautiful course, leave frustrated, but wouldn’t spend $50 to pay a trainer to learn to play a better game.

Most salespeople hope to make a sale without learning more and practicing, then lose $500 every day they work on sales they could have made.

Why would anyone think they’ll get better at selling by doing the same thing over and over again every day?

I have a $35, 400 page book, “How To Sell A Car Today”. It has everything you need to do to hit $100K a year. And I have a $1,500 2-day fast track workshop that’ll double your income after class, if you’ll do what you learned.

A 40+ year-old dealer was going under and borrowed the fees for him and his GM from his mom to attend our management workshop. Result: He went from broke to $1 million in net the rest of the year.

If you want to make $100K, get your dealer or mom to loan you $1,500 and a plane ticket to get to our very next class. And then do the work.

Your decisions control your success or lack of it.


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