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Winners Never Quit

Albert Einstein got low scores in arithmetic, Winston Churchill got poor grades in English, and both ended up being two of the greatest men in history.

When I say don’t give up, I’m not talking about just quitting, I’m talking about mentally throwing in the towel, because you missed a sale or because you asked for the order and they said ‘no’.

Persistence eliminates resistance, whether you’re trying to close the sale or carve out a successful career.

It’s proven that over 80% of the sales are made after the 5th time you ask for the order, get an objection and close again. That means if you quit after the 4th time you ask, you quit just when you were closest to success.

Almost every one of the most successful people I’ve ever read about said their success came just one step past where they were ready to give up.

The people in sales who make it to the top are the ones who learn to control their disappointments and keep on going, until they reach their goal.

As long as you’re still working hard to reach a goal, there’s a realistic chance you’ll eventually hit it. When you stop trying though – you cut your chance of success to zero. Never give up because…

Quitters never win, and winners never quit.


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