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Working “Bell to Bell”

Trade “Bell to Bell” For Better Selling Skills

“I’m selling 30 units a month and on track for $100K.”

“I attended your How To Sell Cars workshop and WOW, what a difference it’s made for me and my family!

I’ve been selling cars for just under a year, and before your class I was selling 30 units a month and working bell to bell every week.

Since the workshop, I’ve learned to work smarter not harder. After learning your 8 step process, I started bypassing price, doing a better demo, building way more value and closing using your scripts 3 to 5 times, every time.

I’m well on my way to making $100,000 this year and now I’m only working 37-40 hours a week and still selling 30.

I have a newborn and I missed the first 6 months by working long and hard, but now I’m spending way more time with my family.

Thank you for an eye-opening training program – it’s the key to success in the car business.”

– Seamus McNally, Salesperson, New Hampshire


My first 5 years, I worked bell-to-bell almost every day, too, but I was only selling 8 to 10 a month, not 30.

I loved selling cars, I just didn’t know how to sell 30, at least not back then.

Most of you have 30 unit potential, too, but are stuck like I was, with 8 unit skills. Then I developed new skills and processes and jumped to almost 40 within 3 months back in sales.

Start training on JVTN® today or get to class right away so we can tell your story, too. You’ll be glad you did.


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