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Would Your Case Hold Up In Court?

Partly because social media is the main source of information for so many people, it’s amazing how many have lost the ability to ‘discuss or debate’ a topic.

That same thought pours over into sales because ‘selling’ is a discussion / debate you have to control to gather the information you need to build value (stuff they care about) and then sell and close the sale.

I’ve stopped at dealerships (that don’t use us and don’t know me) almost a dozen times this year and not one person I talked to gave me any kind of ‘welcome’ statement and not even one person introduced themselves or asked me for my name.

Not one single salesperson asked me any questions about who it would be for, how I’d use it, or what features were important.

I had to feed all of my questions to them, so I could get the information I needed about the vehicle and the features.

BTW: “It’s loaded” is not a feature and almost every time I’ve looked at cars and someone said “it’s loaded”, with a few more questions ‘loaded’ changed to, “Well no, not on this model,” – or – “No, when you get this package, that feature is deleted.”

To be fair, most had decent product knowledge, especially with the cool stuff main displays do now. But drivetrain, towing, performance, accessories, etc. – not so much.

Hopefully none of us will be heading to court any time soon, but if we were, and are only as prepared to ‘win our case’ as the salespeople I talked to – I’m pretty sure we’d be doing some hard time.

I’m a buyer, and the salespeople I met are losing their case and missing sales every day and not just because of low inventory.

Are you doing these same things?


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