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You know what customers really want???

You know how frustrating it is, when you need help and you can’t get in touch with someone or can’t get them to return your calls? It’s even worse when you have an important question.

Join the club, because that’s exactly how your customers feel, too. Every call from them is just as important to them.

If they call you – it’s for a reason. They may want another car, they may have a referral for you, or they may just need an answer to a question. And sure, sometimes they’re really upset and need your help with something.

If there’s a problem, handle it fast.

Why? Because happy people tell 3 friends how great you are. Don’t handle the problem – unhappy people tell 15. But the unhappy people who you do help, will tell their friends how great you are.

Since they’ll all talk about you either way, play the odds, so they say good stuff instead of bad stuff.

The telephone is one of the most valuable “selling tools” you have.

It saves you time, keeps you in touch with your customers and guarantees more people asking for you. So when you aren’t with someone, start dialing for dollars.

Just learn how to use it right.

If you will, you’ll sell more now, build your repeat base and make way more $$$ than the average Joe.


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