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You know you can sell more…

Whether it’s 1, 2 or 20 units,
you know you can sell more.

What’s the only thing average salespeople can teach you? If you maintain your membership in the huddle, you’ll spend a career stuck in average or below, especially in tough times like we’ve been having.

I read a quote that really described how we develop, good or bad…

Every time you make an excuse, you increase the habit!

Pretty soon that excuse is such a habit, that you repeat it over and over again to your manager, your friends and your family. Soon, you actually start to believe your own lie about why you don’t sell more.

Since the day I finally sat down and really read Zig Ziglar’s “See You At The Top” on selling and success over 40 years ago, I stopped living my life to keep average people happy.

Turn in your membership card!

Because we worked together every day, it was almost impossible to turn in my membership to the ‘average club’ at the dealership.

Then one day I found another book, “How To Say No” and it made all the difference in breaking away from the gang of 8 in my dealership.

I knew I had to quit the group or I’d never average more than 8, because when you do good they’re always there to bring you back down.

Make A Decision:
Stay Average or Turn Pro It’s entirely up to you!


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