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Your hard work paid off!

“From 13 cars and $7,000 to selling 14-15 cars and $15,000.”

“I’ve been selling for 1 year and just attended your Closing and Negotiation Workshop with several salespeople from my dealership.

Wake up call – I never realized how just changing a few words can impact my entire sales process. We left that workshop energized and excited, and practiced for most of the ride back to the dealership.

I immediately made flash cards with your questions, and for bypassing price and handling objections. Then I practiced them daily, until I didn’t have to think about what I was saying anymore.

Your easy to follow techniques for presenting the numbers and asking for a larger down payment on shorter terms exploded my paycheck.

I went from selling 13 cars and making $7,000 to selling 14-15 cars and making $15,000. Thank you for the tools to fill my selling toolbox.”

– Shaun Knoch, Salesperson, Montana


I grew up on a farm and we had 3 tools for repairs; a hammer, pair of pliers and baling wire. In the Army, I had months of schools on helicopter maintenance and went from amateur mechanic to ‘pro’ with a full toolbox.

In sales, words & processes are your tools and you’ll either struggle as an amateur, or turn pro by always learning more to add more tools to your ‘sales toolbox’. Remember…

“Sales are missed by a few words, not by a few dollars!”


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