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Your Next $1,000,000

I know salespeople who’ve been selling cars 20 years, and are still just waiting until something better comes along. They haven’t made a commitment or learned enough about selling to start earning big bucks. What a waste of 20 years.

A Million Dollar Decision

In my book, “Goal Setting for Salespeople”, I remind everyone that they’re going to make $1 million in sales. The only question is, “How long will it take you?”

The math is easy – just divide a million dollars by what you’re earning now…

Annual Income & How To Earn $1,000,000…
$ 40,000 – 25 Years
$100,000 – 10 Years
$250,000 – 4 Years
$500,000 – 2 Years

Every time you increase your income, you start cutting years from the total time it takes you to earn more.

Example … If you’re making $40,000 now, your average is $3,333 per month, and that means it will take you 25 years at that rate to collect your million bucks.

But focus on selling just a couple more units, and raise the gross just a couple hundred dollars in the next 90 days to raise your current average to $4,166, and now you’re on track to earn $50,000 in the next 12 months, and that means you’ve already cut the time it takes down to 20 years.

Or what if you really buckle down like Nick did (below)? We just got his comment back a couple of weeks ago, and he jumped from being the new guy to $110,000 his first year and hasn’t slowed down since. That means at $170,000 this year, he’ll hit his next million dollars in just under 6 years.

Don’t waste your money on a lottery ticket, just learn more so you can work smarter and earn your millions much faster.

“$110,000 my first full year with JVTN®.”

“When I started selling cars, I had zero knowledge and needed all the information I could gather.

My GM and an associate, were big inspirations, and at our store, there is a very clear picture painted that if you take Joe’s training seriously and follow his process to a ‘T’ you will experience success.

I buried myself in online training for the first month and I haven’t slowed down. I do my best daily to follow all Joe Verde processes. I practice, drill and rehearse and take 10-15 JVTN® chapters a week. I have clear goals and activities that I refer to daily. I work 5 days a week from 10-7, so I don’t work long and hard, I just work smart.

My first full year I made $110,000, $145,000 the next year and I am on pace to make $170,000!”

– Nick Knutson, Sales Consultant, Oregon