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Your Only Tools In Sales Are The Words You Use

Master techs can take care of any problem, and their toolbox is so full it requires a tow truck to move it.

The lube guy, though, can fit most of their tools in their pocket.

Both work hard every day, but only one has the skills and tools to handle any and every job that comes up to earn the Big Buck$.

I’ve been both. I grew up on our farm as a back yard mechanic, and fixed a lot of things with a hammer, pliers and some baling wire.

In the Army, I went to helicopter school, and had every tool to become a first level mechanic.

As I learned more, I became a tech, then master tech, crew chief, flight engineer, then tech inspector and when I got back, instructor to teach others the same.

When I started selling cars, I was the back yard guy, all over again. I didn’t get any sales training on any part of selling, except for doing a write-up and getting a credit app.

Like most, I was an 8 car guy, working double shifts & days off for 5 years trying to support my family.

I lacked the same skills 80% of salespeople lack, too. And then I found a book on ‘selling’, learned more and started developing my own master salesperson toolbox.

When I started selling cars again, I stopped working double shifts and days off, and made more $$$ my first 7 months back than my first 5 years combined, just by developing better skills and following a simple step-by-step process.

You can do the same as long as you understand 100% that…

“Sales are made or lost by a few words, not by a few dollars!”

Make learning better words a daily habit, and I guarantee you and your family will be glad you did.

If you aren’t sure spending some time every day to learn more is worth those benefits, just ask them what they think you should do.

Have a great ‘24!


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