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Your Questioning Skills

Questions control your success in sales – not your product, your product knowledge, your location, inventory or your prices.

It took me a year to buy 3 vehicles in 2022, in part because of inventory. When I was shopping, most salespeople were new, and didn’t know me or what I do, and 80% of the 10-12 SP I talked to, waited for me to approach them, and…

  • None introduced themselves.
  • None asked my name (so I introduced myself and asked theirs).
  • None asked me anything about me; why I wanted the vehicle or how I’d be using it.
  • None offered a demonstration, I had to ask to drive it.
  • None asked when I planned to buy or anything close to a closing question.
  • None asked for any of my contact information as I was leaving.
  • None offered me their card.

I walked away, just like 71% of people do, because I wasn’t comfortable with any of them, and none showed any interest in asking me anything about my preferences (wants / needs / buying motives).

I’m sure they all complained about not having any decent ‘ups’ that day.

The fun of trying to find salespeople worth talking to wore off, so we ended up buying 2 from the Rover store where we’d purchased before.

And then I ran into a professional in sales, and ended up with a different truck than I’d planned to get.

We ended up getting 3 cars not on our list & all were the wrong color.


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