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Your “Words” Control Your Success

Most salespeople say they hate scripts, because ‘they sound phony’ or ‘don’t work’ or some other reason to justify not learning new things that are more effective.

If that’s you – surprise…

Everything you say now is scripted.

Understand that your scripts are your ‘skills’ and your skills control your success.

If you’re selling 8 units a month, you’re using 8 unit scripts (words). If you’re selling 30, you’re using 30 unit scripts (words).

As I was learning more, I was reminded about scripts by a superstar in sales. And what he said made so much sense…

“If you’re making $30,000 a year, you’re using $30,000 scripts. If you want to make $100,000 a year, you need $100,000 scripts.”

He’s right, because our words plus how and when we say them are our skills.

What do I mean by ‘how and when’?

For example, most salespeople say the wrong words to close, and most close at the wrong time & place in the process.

We communicate through our words, our tone & inflection and our body language.

Common sense says the words we say have to be right, BUT words only make up 7% of our communication.

Our words have to be spot on, but how we say those words are even more important. Our ‘tone & inflection’ when we speak makes up 38% of our communication.

We’ve all had customers say ‘we’re ready to buy’. But if they also have an attitude, and frown at you while they’re leaning back in the chair with their arms crossed, you have a problem…

Regardless of what they say, it’s their ‘body language’ – the frown, and that small tilt of their head up as their eyes narrow … that makes up 55% of what they actually mean.

I think it was Zig Ziglar who recommended watching a soap opera with the sound off, so you can learn to ‘read’ people better.

I did and he’s right. So when we needed a trainer, we required a video and ‘watched’ them present with no sound. Within minutes, 90% were moved to the ‘no’ files.

Try it. Stay far enough away so you can’t hear, and just watch a salesperson’s and their customer’s body language – you’ll very likely understand more about what’s going on than that salesperson will.

Don’t try to figure out what to say or do next. Develop your skills, so you can listen and watch to understand what’s really going on. Then you’ll know exactly what to say and do next, and you’ll sell more cars.


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