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Your Words Matter

Buying things, especially something expensive like a vehicle that people don’t really need to buy, is an emotional process.

That means the words you say either move them forward to purchase, slow things down, or turn them off completely.

Example: The customer is looking at an SUV to pull their Airstream…

How many times have you said, “Here’s one I think might work for you.”

How about this instead? “You’re gonna love towing your RV to your campsite in this one.”

Which sounds more exciting and adds more confidence?

How about these questions, which is best?

“Isn’t looking at new cars exciting?” “Isn’t getting a new car exciting?”

Most will say ‘yes’ to either, so which paints them in the picture as an owner?

Handling price & money questions…What would payments be on this?

“Between $500-$600 depending on down, your trade, and how many years we go.” “You sound like me and everyone else, sounds like you’re on a budget, huh? (Yes.) So let’s find the perfect vehicle and we’ll make it work for you guys, so who’s the lucky one this time, Betty, you or Bob?”

Talk past the sale…

“You’ll love driving this to work every day.”

Pad their ego…

“You will definitely turn heads when you show up in this at work tomorrow.”

Learn to use more effective words and everything else starts falling in place.

I think I know you can do this!


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