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157 Vehicles The First Year Selling Cars

“157 vehicles and $80,000 my first year”

“Joe, I just wanted to thank you for helping me sell 157 vehicles and earn $80,000 my first year in the car business.

I’ve been training on JVTN® since my first day, both group training 3x per week and training on my own. Your training has given me the skills to be a professional in sales, and after attending your 2-Day Sales Workshop, it really brought it all together for me.

Your 8-step sales process is the only way to sell a car, by-passing price in the very beginning so you can build more value is the key to more gross, and I quit pre-qualifying my customers. My first full year I had the best CSI in the dealership. I had a 70% return with an average score of 95% that was unheard of. I have been tracking and charting and my repeats and referrals are steadily increasing by using your referral script. My next step is to earn $100K like your book says. I’m just a few steps away, all thanks to you.”

-William Stanfield, Salesperson, Pathway Hyundai, Ottawa, ON